In a small settlement in Told, we are creating job opportunities for disadvantaged individuals who want to work for the future of their families and children.
Location: Told/Berettyóújfalu
Alapító szervezet: Igazgyöngy Alapítvány
Internationally certified social enterprise.
We believe that every individual has the potential to change their destiny. When SZUNO was born, we dreamt of building a successful, self-sustaining enterprise with the people of Told who want to work for the future of their families and children.
That's why our enterprise is named Szuno, which means "dream" in Romani.
We are in Told, a small border-town settlement. The village, with its 350 inhabitants, has long been abandoned by service providers. There is no school, no playground, no store, and not even a pub. Deep poverty has held this small village in its grip for many years.
The majority of the residents here did not have the opportunity to acquire vocational training after completing primary school. The only legal employment opportunity in the settlement is public work, which in itself is insufficient to break the cycle of generational poverty.
In our social enterprise, we work to ensure that extreme poverty becomes a thing of the past for the next generations. Through collaborative value creation and everyday work, we aim to provide not only financial security but also opportunities for further education and career choices for them.
For the people of Told, this small village is their world, and it's here that we must initiate change. That's why the Igazgyöngy Foundation established the SZUNO social enterprise here in 2012.
Over the past 9 years, 26 people from the village have worked with us, and 47 individuals have contributed their embroidery skills to our products. Currently, we employ six full-time workers in Told and two seamstresses in Berettyóújfalu. During this time, the business has grown significantly: more and more people recognize the SZUNO brand, our products have improved in quality, and the dreams have turned into goals that we are steadily achieving step by step.